About Badge2Badge

Badge2Badge is an Internal Revenue Code Section 501© (3) tax exempt non-profit corporation that was formed in 1999.  Badge2Badge’s mission is to provide funds to assist officers and their families of Los Angeles Police Department who have experienced traumatic situations and need urgent financial assistance.


Badge2Badge has provided over $700,000 in financial assistance in achieving its mission since its inception.  The corporation does not have administrative overhead expenses, so all donations (which the exception of tax filing fees) are used towards its mission.


Over the years the donations have provided medical care for critically ill children and spouses of police officers, paid funeral expenses for officer’s family members, provided funds to buy food, pay rent, purchase medical equipment and other urgently needed items. Badge2Badge has benefited from donations from individuals as well as corporations and charitable foundations.


Badge2Badge’s federal tax identification number is 95-4759981.


What Badge2Badge Does


Badge2Badge has assisted Los Angeles Police Department families who have been affected by traumatic situations by providing funds to help with funeral expenses when the family was unable to bury the loved one; provided necessary medical equipment for family members such as specialized wheel chairs, walkers and a mobility van.  We have paid for needed medical care when not covered by insurance, assisted with buying food as well as assisting with housing and transportation costs during a financial crisis.  We have also provided financial counseling to the families in order for them to redevelop financial stability after dealing with their traumas.

Our Leadership


David Bluestein has been an active officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 23 years.  He is currently assigned the rank of Lieutenant and  assigned to Training Division.  David has been a past member of the Police Unity Tour and has dedicated his career to helping those in need.  He is honored to continue his father's legacy and assist with Badge2Badge.

The late Michael Bluestein was a founder of Badge2Badge.  He served as a Reserve Police Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department and through  his business PIP Printing and Marketing Services has been a generous contributor to numerous charitable organizations related to the Los Angeles Police Department including the Police Unity Tour of Southern California and the LAPD Centurions. His insight and experience was invaluable in guiding Badge2Badge for over 20 years .

Stephen N. Getzoff is a Certified Public Accountant and 20+ Reserve Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.  His current assignments include holding the designation as a LAPD Professional Specialist assigned to the Employees Assistance Unit and member of Financial Counseling Team.  Steve also serves on the Board of Directors of several charitable organizations related to the Los Angeles Police Department including the Police Unity Tour of Southern California, LAPD Centurions and the Topanga Boosters. 

Paul C. McDonald is a senior executive in the talent and recruitment industry. He has served on numerous boards including non profits and a university. His passion for helping individual officers and their family members in need is the motivator for involvement in supporting  Badge2Badge .

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